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Introducing our 2022 Calendar!

Happy New Year! The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland is happy to introduce a new series of beautiful designs for 2022. We wanted to share these messages of hope and gratitude while also making them accessible to you, so each image is available to download for you to use as a computer and/or phone background.

We are excited to share that a limited supply of calendars are available for purchase! Visit The LLF store to order a physical copy.

Digital Backgrounds

These designs have also been converted into desktop and phone backgrounds, which can be downloaded for free below.

Instructions on how to set these designs as your background are at the bottom of the page!

2022 Calendar Computer Backgrounds
Download ZIP • 23.09MB

2022 Calendar Phone Backgrounds
Download ZIP • 14.04MB

About the Artwork

Every year, The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland works with a local artist to design a themed calendar honoring the gifts of life through organ, eye, and tissue donation. This year, we asked our fellow staff at The LLF to answer one question: What inspires you the most about organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation? The artwork, created by local artist Sara Austin, draws on each staff member's response. Each illustration of an anonymous quote reflects just some of the ways our donation and transplantation communities motivate and inspire us.

What inspires you the most? Connect with us on social media or visit to share your story. If you’re not yet a registered donor, please visit or your local MVA to register and learn about the meaningful legacy you can create as a donor.

Not sure how to change your background? Here are some tips to help you out:

How to change your background photo on a Windows computer

How to change your background photo on a Mac computer

How to change your phone background on an iPhone

How to change your phone background on an Android phone

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